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04/26/2023 08:30 AM

Appropriate the Funds

I have been a resident of Clinton for 45 years and fully support a portion of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to construct three pickleball courts in the Town of Clinton. Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. At one point, it was considered a “senior” game, but no longer. My son, who is a physical education teacher, does a unit on pickleball at the elementary school he teaches at. Many of the players I play with are younger than me. It is a sport for all.

One of ARPA’s requirements is that the funds be used for public health. Pickleball is played outside, everyone who plays is being physically challenged, it is social, and there is no cost to playing — everyone can enjoy the game, no matter their financial status.

The courts in Clinton can also produce revenue. Our surrounding towns offer instruction and receive funds for their classes. All our surrounding towns have Pickleball courts. Why doesn’t Clinton? Please don’t consider the court at Indian River as a court. There are cracks, lines are faded, when it rains there are puddles for days, the court is surrounded by trees and in the fall the courts are covered by leaves, and if you go back too far you could hit the basketball hoop.

I encourage the Town of Clinton to appropriate the funds necessary to install pickleball courts.

Thank you,

Susan Savitt