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04/21/2023 10:38 AM

Branford Needs You

Branford’s government, like many towns in Connecticut, leans on the work of numerous volunteers. Our town’s dozens of boards and commissions are all composed of volunteers from Branford. They provide oversight and critical resident input for how our town runs, everything from protecting the environment to waste management to public safety. All appointments to these boards and commissions are made by the Board of Selectmen. Very often, those appointments are made at the request of the local Democratic and Republican political town committees.

This year is also a municipal election year to determine who will serve in the town’s elected roles. Both political parties nominate upwards of 30 individuals to serve in town government. These mostly unpaid positions serve on the Representative Town Meeting, the Board of Education, and other townwide positions. Their voices determine the priorities of our town government and, most notably, how the town raises and spends your tax dollars. Before this November’s election, when we vote to choose these representatives, the local Democratic and Republican parties choose residents to stand for these elections.

If you have an interest in serving the town in any capacity or just want to learn more, the Branford Democratic Town Committee is interested in hearing from you. Please reach out over email at Branford needs you!

Kevin Coughlin


Kevin Coughlin is the chair of the Branford Democratic Town Committee