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04/12/2023 08:05 AM

Whose Truth?

What does the T in TIE (Truth in Education) stand for? Truth? Whose truth? Real history? Whitewashed history? Erased history? The reoccurring talking points in “Troubling” by Dave Holman (Feb. 2) and “Lack Respect” by Kendall Svengalis (March 16) that claim Guilford Public Schools and library are indoctrinating and grooming kids are what’s troubling. No one can “make” someone gay or trans. Clearly, some people have zero understanding of biology. No one would “choose” to be part of a marginalized group that is the target of this type of hate speech or, worse, physical assault. Real history will reveal that this same type of hyperbolic rhetoric occurred in 1930s Germany. This is why all German students have to take a course about the Holocaust. It is a requirement. Maybe the TIE people want to ban both real history and biology.

And for any town residents concerned about tax increases, let’s consider the frivolous lawsuit filed by TIE against the town. Maddening that this will cost the taxpayers money and disturbing that the lawyer representing TIE is Norm Pattis. Pattis is the attorney that represented Alex Jones in a defamation trial involving several Sandy Hook families.

The T should be changed to a D for “deception.”

Karen Anderson