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04/12/2023 08:05 AM

Sports Bring People Together

I would like to give my input on a sports kiosk, as mentioned in the April 6 article “Sports Gambling Kiosk Decision Postponed in Westbrook,” concerning the Dead Eye Saloon Restaurant in Westbrook.

Sports, as a general rule, bring people together. Sports comradery and competition are an all-American pastime, present and future. Sports bring people together. Gambling, well, yes, that usually goes along with sports, as it has for a very long time. Baseball in 1869, horseracing in 1867, and football, basketball, and golf in 1920, just to mention a few. What do most people talk about socially? The weather and sports are probably the two top conversation starters.

Our state has legalized gambling with many considerations and good reasoning before that decision was made last year. Do the pros outweigh the cons? In my opinion, yes. As with any other social outlet, sports betting should be done responsibly. Professional sports have earned their high ranking, and rightfully so. Sports betting is no longer a back alley shady deal but consists of responsible individuals enjoying the games.

For many people not able to pay the high price of tickets and travel, TV is the next best thing. What’s better than gathering at your local restaurants for hot dogs, beer, a good sports game on TV, and a little bet to make it even more interesting while making new friends and having sports to talk about?

Sharon Ruzycki