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03/29/2023 08:00 AM

Stopped Again

A few years back, the Shoreline Greenway Trail (SGT) Association got stopped by our town while trying to take private and public Guilford land for their “Bike road through the woods.” In the last few weeks, they were stopped again when proposed legislation featuring eminent domain was removed from H.B. 5917. This would have allowed the state to take private land and give it to the SGT without any input from the citizens of Guilford. Two things stand out here:

1. Who and/or what wants to remove the right of Guilford citizens to determine for themselves what happens to the land they and the town owns? Clearly, it’s the SGT. But who else, why, and do they think they represent us?

2. Why would you want a bike road in the first place? Go look for yourself at the gravel road SGT built in the East end of Madison a few years ago. About 10 feet wide, it’s crushed stone on plastic sheeting. A long swath of natural habitat was removed so bikers could ride through the woods on roads without cars.

Go ask Madison what they think about this. And while you’re at it, check out the dozen or so new no-parking signs on Webster Point Road, where the gravel road begins, or the rock which has been placed at the beginning ‘cause without that, it was ATV heaven.

Louis Mackall