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03/15/2023 06:10 PM

What Are We Doing Wrong?

Are we doing something wrong?

Last summer, when Walmart left town, we were reassured that both T. J. Max and Home Goods were interested in occupying some of the vacated space. Additionally, they would provide most items previously carried by Walmart.

Clearly, to date, the space is still vacant, but while those are fine stores which I’m sure would be welcomed here, anyone who has shopped in them knows there is no comparison to Walmart, where just about anything could be purchased.

After chasing away Cosco a few years back, we are now losing another one of the few major retailers located in Guilford, Bed, Bath & Beyond. This time it seems we are getting another bank, maybe another Dunkin’ Donuts (we already have three), and a sports complex. Again, all are very welcome but not going to enhance our shopping opportunities.

With Guilford’s retail offerings diminished, it has been necessary to travel further afield, and Old Saybrook seemed attractive with a large Walmart, so we tried shopping there. We hadn’t realized that they have not only attracted a wide range of major stores but done so while retaining their beautiful small-town identity.

What is perplexing is that with their retail sector many times ours, they have a population only one-half of Guilford’s. We seem to be missing out not only on shopping convenience but also on a major contribution to our commercial tax base. That would be helpful in mitigating Guilford homeowners’ annual property tax increases.

What are we doing wrong?

David Roberts