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03/01/2023 08:00 AM

Sincerest Appreciation

Scranton Library experienced a devastating fire on Feb. 13. Despite this heartbreaking loss, I find myself filled with gratitude. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the fire, and not one of the neighboring buildings was damaged. I am grateful to the staff at Scranton Library, who alerted emergency crews quickly and evacuated the main building in a calm and orderly manner. Thanks to your professional response in an emergency and your commitment to caring for library visitors, everyone made it out safely. Thank you to library patrons that evening who evacuated quickly, cleared the parking lot efficiently, and even checked on teens to make sure they were safe and all right. My sincerest appreciation to the first responders and firefighters of Madison, North Madison, Clinton, Killingworth, and Guilford, who worked together to contain the fire. It’s because of their valor and expertise that the fire was controlled immediately. Their collective action and selflessness are truly inspiring.

Thank you to Travis Gulick for securing the building the evening of the fire and to Fire Marshal Sam DeBurra and crew, who returned the next day to further protect the site. Thanks to all the members of our community who wrote to share their sympathy. This outpouring of support is what carries us through these darkest of moments, and I am grateful to be surrounded by so many of you.

Nicole Wiles, President

Scranton Library Board of Trustees