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03/01/2023 08:00 AM

Not Bothered

Recently, my sister flew from Florida to New Haven on Avelo Airlines for a family function. And I must say, it was a tremendous relief not having to battle the "road warriors" of I-91 all the way to Windsor Locks and back to pick her up, and Sis was grateful not to have to endure tacking on a limo ride of two hours up I-95 from New York City...on a good day!

Let's be honest; who wants to go all the way to Bradley in the snow only to find out that your flight has been canceled? What do you do then? Sleep on the terminal floor? Spend the money on a room at the airport hotel? And I'm not alone in those sentiments.

Many of my neighbors and I myself are not bothered at all by Avelo's planes flying overhead. Actually, we look forward to Tweed's proposed improvements becoming a reality in that they will result in a safer airport and improved service.

Marie Amatruda