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03/01/2023 08:00 AM

It’s Time for Clinton to Step Up

My wife and I have been playing pickleball since February 2022. We are among a group of up to 20 individuals who play two or three times a week. We play at public facilities in Guilford, Madison, Westbrook, and Old Saybrook. Each of these towns has at least three outdoor courts and, often, a comparable number of indoor courts that have been adapted to gyms or community centers.

These communities have graciously allowed Clinton residents to use their beautiful facilities, sometimes for a nominal fee. With the popularity of pickleball growing rapidly, especially among the middle-aged and older, I foresee a time when Clinton citizens will be marginalized because of pressure from neighboring towns. Indeed, Westbrook will only allow Clinton individuals to sign up for spring to fall recreational pickleball only after Westbrook residents have had the opportunity to register.

We play at other towns because Clinton has no official pickleball courts. With a population greater than Westbrook and Old Saybrook combined, it has none. It is time for Clinton to step up, finance, and build at least three outdoor courts for its residents. There is no reason why we should be second-class citizens.

Joe Alves