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03/01/2023 08:00 AM

Had Me Fooled

Finally! Someone with the gumption to reveal the scariest conspiracy yet. Mass shootings? Climate change? Assaults on democracy? Constitutional rights abridged? Putin flattening Ukraine? Hey, things happen. Niggling matters shouldn’t distract from important stuff.

Big shout-out to Dave Holman. Last month he exposed the transgender kids support boondoggle (Jan. 12 “Is This How We Want ARPA Funds Spent?”). Now he’s pulled back the curtain on “The Big Hearts Book Club!” (Feb. 23, “Troubling”) Gotta admit, they had me fooled. Then again, I’m new to conspiracy spotting. Here’s rule number one: If the name makes you smile? It’s a Marxist cell. A word sounds benign? Marxist “code-speak.” Salutary cause? Marxist plot. Thankfully the “Oh-Say-Can-You-See-The-Conspiracy Club” is ever-poised to expose sinister capers like Marxist mommies indoctrinating 6-year-olds. While I naïvely smiled at their name, veteran spotters consulted the “Conspiracy Cipher Guidebook.” Holman warns: Don’t be hoodwinked by “social-emotional storytime” or “caring, empathetic kids.”

“The problem,” he explains, “is that social-emotional learning (SEL) is code speak for Critical Race Theory (CRT) indoctrination, otherwise known as culturally responsive education, diversity-equity-inclusion, critical thinking, antiracism, Marxism, and equity and social justice.”

Drat. I’d forgotten rule number two (rookie mistake): Marxist code-speak is super-efficient. SEL includes every unsavory plot. Holman says there’s something “even worse.” Get this: apparently "Big Hearted" parents are using “the same raised hands logo that appears on lawn signs all over Guilford in support of . . . 'Equity and Social Justice Initiative.'” Gasp! That’s bad. Also confusing. Why would those signs of support be “all over Guilford?”

Holman asks: “[I]s this how our tax dollars should be spent?” How about "The Big Grinch Book Club" instead? We could turn cute little kids (CLK) into insensitive uncaring adults (IUA) who wouldn’t waste money on fluffy conceits like empathy and tolerance.

Greg Kinsella