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02/22/2023 08:08 AM

Thank You

This letter of thanks comes from the “family,” otherwise known as the staff, of Luigi’s Restaurant. We can’t begin to put into words our appreciation for all that the community, other restaurants, and our wonderful customers have done to keep us all afloat during this unexpected downtime for the restaurant. The support for not only the DiBella Family but their staff is nothing short of uplifting! We all had a lost feeling seeing this happen, and not being able to help was and has been the hardest part. By coming together as a community, you have eased a big concern for The DiBella Family with the amazing support of the Go Fund Me page for the staff. Many know us as kitchen staff, managers, waitstaff, bartenders, bussers, and food runners, but at the end of the shift, when we pull a bunch of tables together in one of the dining rooms that was flooded, we will be reunited for our “family dinners” because of all of you! We look forward to serving you all real soon and showing you our appreciation in person!

Cherie Kelley

Old Saybrook