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02/22/2023 08:00 AM

Heartfelt Appreciation and Thanks

As co-chairs of the Guilford Friends of the Library’s recent sale of vintage books and ephemera, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to its success. This one-day event, which offered books from the 1800s to the 1950s and such paper ephemera as vintage newspapers and magazines, historic paper doll cutouts, art prints, and early highway travel memorabilia, was only the second of its kind in the Friends’ 40-year history of sales. It generated funds for purchasing new print- and non-print books and technology, for sponsoring programs and concerts, and for supporting the Library staff. In addition, the sale created a wonderful environment for social interaction as patrons reminisced over the items on display.

Over the past few years, our donors have explored their attics and bookshelves to discover such treasures as complete sets of Nancy Drew adventures, first editions of Langston Hughes novels, and beautifully crafted, slip-covered reprints from the Easton and Heritage Presses. Some of the books in the sale were classics; others inspired our customers to revisit childhood favorites; still others exemplified the craft of book arts. Our customers in turn inspired us with their knowledge and appreciation of our offerings.

We thank our donors for their generosity and insight into the materials they provided. We thank our patrons for their financial support, and we offer our heartfelt appreciation to the members of the Friends and the Library’s professional staff, who set up, staffed, and broke down the sale.

Howard Sommer and Linda Brouard

Friends of the Guilford Free Library