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02/22/2023 08:08 AM

Beautifully Reflect the Diversity

I would like to express my gratitude to Harbor News for its coverage of the exciting public art installations that now grace our town center. These murals, generously hosted and supported by local businesses, include the themes “A Piece of Freedom,” “Celebrating Our Indigenous Culture,” and “Three Bold Women.”

Numerous people of varying ages, ethnicities, and experiences convened to create these visible representations of our town’s past, present, and future. Countless hours of envisioning, planning, research, fundraising, and painting were invested in these murals, in a spirit of joyful welcoming and inclusivity.

These artworks are not only a delight to residents and people who work in Old Saybrook but also focal points for visitors and customers from around the world. They boldly and beautifully reflect the diversity of human threads that create this place we call home.

I am especially grateful to the people (including many youths) who took on volunteer leadership roles in making these artworks a reality for all to enjoy. I appreciate these murals and all that they symbolize every time I pass by.

Linda Mahal

Old Saybrook