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02/15/2023 08:00 AM

Let’s Be a Town With Zero Traffic Accidents

On behalf of all of us drivers in Guilford, not just Guilford’s Safe Streets Task Force members of which I am a part, I urge that we slow down when driving a truck, automobile, or motorcycle on our town’s roads.

Speeding, whether a little bit or a lot over the speed limit, is a pervasive danger to all who use our roads. Clearly, Guilford’s roads are not race courses, and most of us don’t treat them as such. But, we do speed. We do not follow posted speed limits - we push the envelope, 25 mph becomes 35 mph, 35 becomes 50, and onward. If the road is wide enough, straight enough, we can go even faster. We are suddenly unconsciously speeding. Let’s start unconsciously not speeding. If you have it, set your cruise control to the posted speed limit and experience liberation from speed trap anxiety when going too fast.

We all know that excessive speed, meaning beyond a posted speed limit on a specific road, contributes exponentially to the seriousness of accidents the faster you go, so slow down, everybody. Let’s be a town with zero traffic accidents.

Helen Higgins