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02/15/2023 08:20 AM

Let’s Aim Higher

We are fortunate to live in a country with free speech. And I understand that letters to the editor do not have to reflect the opinions of the newspaper. However, the title "Murals Belong in Urban Areas" (Feb. 2) is overtly racist and stopped me in my tracks. Unless the goal of publishing this nonsensical white supremacist drivel was to publicly embarrass the author, it could have been published in tandem with a response from the Harbor News.

The simple facts are that private business owners can paint their businesses however they choose, and this land was occupied way before 1635 by people with brown skin. But that is not the crux of his message.

The dog-whistle "urban murals belong in urban areas" should be interpreted for what it is: Images of non-white people only belong where non-white people live, not in a town that is predominantly white.

The author is publicly insulting images of local school children, and the Harbor News published this letter on the second day of Black History Month.

Let's aim higher, shall we?

Liz McEvily

Old Saybrook