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02/08/2023 08:06 AM

Not in the Best Interest

There are two plans on the drawing board facing East Haven residents that are capable of threatening the existing quality of life in this small shoreline community.

The first development is the largest proposed project in the history of East Haven. The proposed project is located at the former Camp Murray Girl Scout Camp at 31-100 Sperry Lane and Foxon Boulevard. It will consist of four buildings with 378 units. The developer Mark DiLungo and the co-owners of The Bluff LLC have made their intentions very clear in a letter written to the editor (“The Town’s Best Interest,” April 5, 2018) concerning the denial of the original application for a zoning change to accommodate this project. In the letter, Mr. DiLungo said they would be “resubmitting an alternate application” for approximately “600 units” but for affordable housing, which would be “under state jurisdiction and not subject to petty local bias.” A site plan application is now before the Planning and Zoning Commission. Is this huge and dense project in the best interest of East Haven? Personally, I believe we all know that the emphatic response to this question is “no.”

The second proposal facing East Haven residents is the expansion of Tweed New Haven Airport. Most residents in this town are very aware of the increase in air and ground traffic throughout the town. The noise and exhaust from these larger aircraft are touching every portion of this small shoreline community and will, unfortunately, become more frequent and disturbing if the expansion continues.

These proposed developments aren’t in the best interests of the Town of East Haven, and the quality of life that we’ve become accustomed to will suffer and disappear. Keep these thoughts in mind when you cast your votes at election time.

Anthony Martone

East Haven