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02/01/2023 08:00 AM


On Jan. 24, the Guilford Free Library held its monthly meeting of the “Big Hearts Book Club,” which they promote as “a social-emotional storytime for children ages 5 to 8 with accompanying adult.” The library’s invitation to this event asks parents, “Are you trying to raise caring, empathetic kids but think you could use some reinforcement? Are you afraid of ‘teachable moments’ happening with your family because you are not sure what to say? Do you want to have ‘big ideas’ conversations with your little humans but aren’t sure where to start? … Each month [the Guilford Library] explores a different social emotional topic through picture books, discussion, and activities … (and) caregivers go home with a list of further resources and the confidence to continue teaching empathy.”

After reading the above, you might think what a wonderful educational opportunity for both kids and their parents. The problem is that social-emotional learning (SEL) is code speak for Critical Race Theory (CRT) indoctrination, otherwise known as culturally responsive education, diversity-equity-inclusion, critical thinking, antiracism, Marxism, and equity and social justice. What is troubling here is that it is being introduced to young children, is being funded with taxpayer dollars, and is brazenly being advertised as being the way “to raise caring, empathic kids.” Even more troubling is the logo for this “social-emotional storytime” is the same raised hands logo that appears on lawn signs all over Guilford in support of Superintendent Paul Freeman’s “Equity and Social Justice Initiative,” which I believe preaches systemic racism, institutional racism, and the rejection of Martin Luther King’s dream of a colorblind society and school system in favor of a race-conscious approach to education.

Is this a coordinated effort to indoctrinate even our youngest kids, and is this how our taxpayer dollars should be spent?

Dave Holman