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01/25/2023 08:04 AM

Grow as a Caring and Supportive Community

"Is This How We Want ARPA Funds Spent?" Dave Holman asked in his Jan. 12 letter to the editor. He was referring to the Transgender 101 event sponsored by the GHRC and funded by the Guilford Foundation.

Dave, great question. Yes, that's exactly how we want ARPA funds spent. Are you asking if we should allocate money for events that provide support and resources for children and families? Yes. Are you asking if we want to fund more informative events like this in Guilford? Yes. Quick question for you: what is the "opposing viewpoint" to supporting and accepting children? Where should we direct those funds?

Letters like Holman's are the very reason our town should invest in opportunities to broaden our perspectives and grow as a caring and supportive community.

I attended the Transgender 101 event and found it to be educational and inspiring. I left with ways to support youth and families during challenging times — and with all my original pronouns.

Rachel Daniels