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01/11/2023 08:00 AM

Is Inadequate

After a Dec. 19 public hearing for a proposed cannabis shop at 755 Boston Post Road in Westbrook, it is apparent that the appointed members of the Zoning Commission have failed in their duties entrusted to them by Westbrook's residents.

Data showed that in 2017, a “calculated” conversion in the zoning regulation for the proposed site would benefit the owner of the site. The owner is an active alternate member of the Zoning Commission.

The proposed location is in a mixed residential area with a bus stop on-site. Nearby in Middletown, Branford, Essex, Clinton, and Old Saybrook have all mandated that cannabis shops cannot be within feet of a school bus stop.

It was apparent that none of the Zoning Commission members had actually set foot on the proposed site, but had, for years, overlooked requirements and disregarded zoning mandates that may not have been overlooked for any other resident of Westbrook. Having none of these members challenge a Zoning member's lack of a permit for a generator and the proposed site's non-conformity for parking is inadequate.

Janice Panella