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01/11/2023 08:00 AM

Fail to See an Advantage

I am writing to inform the community of an upcoming vote on the approval of a cannabis shop at 755 Boston Post Rd. which is in a mixed residential area in Westbrook. The Zoning Commission will meet to vote on the addition of a retail marijuana outlet in Westbrook on Monday, Jan. 23 7 p.m.

I am opposed to the introduction of this business in Westbrook. It is not in keeping with the zoning regulations which refer to businesses that are compatible with our “New England village-scale streetscape.” Further, it poses potential health and safety risks. The store will increase traffic on an already very busy Route 1 and is poorly situated in a location that has little parking, while also being near homes with children and a bus stop at this location.

Patrons of the Jet Laudrette are already challenged in the summer for parking spaces. The addition of the proposed 200 to 500 cars per day will seriously impact the traffic and parking situation for these businesses and the people who have their homes in this area.

Other shoreline towns have not approved cannabis retail stores in their communities. I fail to see an advantage to doing so in Westbrook.

Patricia Charles