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01/11/2023 08:00 AM

A Truly Special Person

Every once in a while you encounter a truly special person. Noreen Kokoruda was one of those people for me. She was a friend and a mentor who always had time to help in whatever way was needed. She had that rare gift of speaking plainly and honestly and setting me straight, even if I did not always want to hear it. As special as I felt to have her help and attention, I know I was not special. Noreen had time for everyone and was ever quick to offer sound advice, volunteer, or simply listen.

She may be most remembered as a political figure, however, that was just the most visible path she chose to give back to the community she so loved. She quietly committed countless hours many local charitable organizations. Spanning decades and a multitude of non profit, Town, and State roles, Noreen was tireless in her commitment to serve Madison residents. What is astonishing is that when her career as State Representative was over, she did not sit back and take a well deserved rest, she jumped at the chance to serve again as Selectperson in Madison.

It can be said that Noreen knew everyone. How could she not after a lifetime of community service. I prefer to say that everyone knew Noreen and more importantly, we all knew the same Noreen. She did not change to fit the situation. In an age where honesty and pure intentions are in short supply, Noreen stood as a beacon of our better selves.

I will miss Noreen as a colleague and mentor, but mostly I will miss her as a friend. Noreen, I did not have the chance to thank you for all you did, so I will say it now dear friend. Thank you and God bless.

Bruce Wilson


Bruce Wilson is a member of the Madison Board of Selectmen