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01/04/2023 08:00 AM

Thanks, Rita!

Thanks to Rita Christopher for writing Strings Attached (Guilford Courier, Dec. 15)! Delightful observations about change! I love that you notice what signals seasonal transitions. Like your melancholia when you meet a missing-mated glove. I thought of my friend Kathy who mourns the autumn when the geese honk overhead. I realized I embrace the fall time change because, for one day a year, I don’t feel behind schedule!

Oh, and BTW, last year I rescued a poinsettia from death-row and nursed it to full health. But it has no flower this year. Just greenery. Which is another change to digest!!!

But I notice ‘tis beautiful just “as is.” Which is how we are at any age! If we take good care of ourselves and believe … at any age we can all be in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in our minds. Oh. And my landline is my mitten-string! The only reason I keep it is to find my cell-phone.

There. Now everyone knows.

Sue Wolf