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12/28/2022 08:00 AM

Seeking Feedback

By 2022 town Referendum, Academy School was voted to be transformed into a community center. Now the Academy Community Center Advisory Committee (ACCAC) has designed a survey which provides Madison residents with the opportunity to share their ideas and wishes as to what they would like the community center to offer. So far, ACCAC has received encouraging responses to the survey from residents of all ages. However, we are still seeking as much feedback and as many suggestions as possible. If you have not yet taken the survey, it is open until January 13, 2023. Please go to:

Whether you see yourself in your new intergenerational, multi-space facility taking violin lessons or teaching a cooking class, improving painting skills or playing pickleball, building a robot or giving a concert, let ACCAC know what it is that you would like to see taking place at the community center!

Please be sure to use the comment section at the end of the survey to be specific about your ideas.

Joan McPherson