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12/14/2022 08:00 AM

A Devastating Critique

Guilford residents were recently presented with a devastating critique of the Guilford Public Schools (GPS) at the community center. Titled “Just the Facts: School Safety and Parental Rights,” the program exposed the indoctrination and school safety failures that have characterized GPS under the incompetent and unethical leadership of Superintendent of GPS Dr. Paul Freeman and a complicit Board of Education (BOE). The parental rights portion consisted almost exclusively of video clips of Freeman, consultants, and board members effectively admitting to their efforts to transform the schools to align with the views of Ibram Kendi.

These are indoctrinators in denial, incapable of confronting their intellectual, ethical, and legal failings. Not a single BOE member has seemingly questioned Freeman’s efforts to infect innocent schoolchildren with an intellectually bankrupt, divisive, and monolithic racial agenda.

Who gave Freeman the notion that a doctorate in educational administration gives him the qualifications to address complex issues of race and education? From the beginning, every consultant Freeman has hired with taxpayer dollars is another unqualified Ed. D marinated in the same radical dogma.

I am reminded of what Nobel Prize winning physicist, Richard Feynman, once admitted, “Outside his or her field, the scientist is just as dumb as the next guy.” And Feynman was speaking of scientists, not those holding doctorates from education schools.

This program was preceded by Dr. Armand Fusco’s exhaustive PowerPoint presentation on school safety issues which exposed the gross negligence of Paul Freeman in addressing state mandates, including annual updates of the GPS safety plan. Both presentations may be viewed on YouTube by searching for No Left Turn in Education Guilford

Kendall Svengalis