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11/16/2022 08:00 AM

Trees Need Our Support

Have you noticed that leaves in trees appear to tremble a bit when the trees see the ubiquitous tree-slaying bucket trucks that drive around in Clinton? They do this because they don’t feel safe from the cruel chainsaws and woodchippers that normally accompany the trucks. I’m not sure who “Lucas” is, but all you have to do is go outside on a quiet morning, whisper that name; trees around you will drop their leaves in sheer fright!

The Clinton Town Green just recently lost four large trees to the tree-slaying, bucket truck brigade. You can still see the stumps, right where the trees once lived. Maybe these trees were not healthy, but radical dismemberment and cutting at the base of the trunk can’t be the solution to every tree ailment. We are now have four stumps, which means a sunnier Green, faster grass growth, and increased need for mowing.

The bucket truck brigade is always out “trimming” in order to protect power lines. Have you seen the hack job they do on those poor unsuspecting trees? Wow, if you ever got a haircut like that, you would be asking for a refund! Everybody understands the need to protect the power lines, but here I feel the trees need our support. Why don’t we bury the ugly power lines? I know it’s expensive, but you can do a little at a time. The tree-slaying bucket truck would not be driving around, scaring our trees.

The trees are dead. No stethoscope is needed to confirm this. The patients were euthanized without offered proper care. Does Clinton have a tree replacement policy? If they slay one it should be replaced.

Town Hall: When are you going to replace the slayed trees?

Enrique Alvarez