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11/16/2022 08:00 AM

Setting the Record Straight

While I am humbled by and grateful for the article in today’s Harbor News (“Adler Publishes Book on Clinton’s Most Famous Residents”, Nov. 10) about my latest book, Pallenberg Wonder Bears – From the Beginning, I am saddened by the glaring omission of my collaborator, Dibirma Jean Burnham’s name and role on the project. For although I wrote the book, I could not have done so without her friendship and generous sharing of her family’s archival photos, vaudeville and circus contracts, and her grandfather’s 13-page, handwritten memoir. Additionally, I did not publish this book. I wrote it. The same is true for my book, Images of America CLINTON. Each was published by a small, established, independent publishing company. Neither was a “pay-to-publish.”

Peggy Adler