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11/02/2022 08:00 AM

Unrelenting Commitment

We rely on our elected officials to enact laws that support and finance public health initiatives, and the recent pandemic demonstrated how vital it is to our local communities to have that leadership. That is why I’m supporting State Representative Christine Palm for re-election to the 36th House District.

Rep. Palm clearly understands the importance of public health measures, including the need for vaccination programs, preventative medicine, and healthcare access. From blood pressure clinics, to disease management, to suicide prevention and children’s mental health, Rep. Palm has made certain that the health needs and wellness of her constituents are a priority. Her legislative leadership, and voting record in the House, demonstrates her unrelenting commitment to the people she serves, as well as all Connecticut residents. She has consistently supported legislative measures to improve the health of women, infants and children, senior citizens, and veterans, as well as firefighters and educators. She is also a champion of gun violence prevention and victims of domestic violence. In the recent legislative session, she also succeeded in protecting women’s reproductive rights.

As a public health nurse, and Connecticut Medical Reserve Corps volunteer, I’m in the front lines and am acutely aware of the health needs of those in our community. I trust Rep. Palm to respond effectively to the health concerns of our local residents. She brings proven legislative experience and a genuine commitment to those she serves. These are challenging times, and we are fortunate to have such a competent and caring person as our state representative. Let’s vote to re-elect Christine Palm to the General Assembly. Experience does matter!

Cindy Lignar