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11/02/2022 08:00 AM

Time For a Change

Finally there is hope for change. Guilford and Branford have a rare opportunity to send a common-sense candidate, Rich DiNardo, to the state legislature. Rich is a small business owner, attorney, husband, and father, and he is on the ballot to be your State Representative for District 98. He is the first challenger in eight years to offer an alternative to the one-party rule we have had in Connecticut for decades.

Rich will vote to change policies that have hurt our economy, put our schools in decline, and left our state over-taxed and over-regulated. With DiNardo working to help struggling Connecticut families, businesses and residents alike may choose to stay in Connecticut instead of exiting in record numbers.

Rich DiNardo supports tax relief to help residents and spur economic growth. He will vote to restore qualified immunity for our men in blue. Rich will cultivate a balanced approach to environmental policies, insisting they be cost-effective and yield real-world results. He is personally pro-life, but believes our Constitution puts abortion into the hands of the people to decide for themselves. He will not support any major changes to our current abortion laws without the clear consent of the people. As a father of two school children, Rich strongly supports the fundamental right of parents to be fully informed and involved in any decision concerning the education, health, and welfare of their children. To secure these rights, Rich supports passing a Parental Bill of Rights.

Isn't it time for a change in Connecticut and to restore normal life? Can the citizens of the Constitution State really afford more of the same? Let's put our great state and 98th District on the right path and vote for Rich DiNardo on Election Day, Tuesday Nov. 8.

Jonathan Trotta