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11/02/2022 08:00 AM

Support is Critical

I would like to acknowledge and thank Trista Milici, executive assistant at the Selectman’s office; Brian Droney, lead tradesman; and Katy McNicol, director of the James Blackstone Memorial Library (JBML). These individuals were instrumental in lighting up Branford’s Town Hall, police department, and JBML with pink and blue lights in observance of Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Week in October.

It is my hope that with one in every four pregnancies ending in loss, we can break the silence and raise awareness. Support is critical in the ongoing bereavement journey and with the vital work that is needed to improve pregnancy outcomes to save babies. Branford did a spectacular job shining its lights for the cause and will hopefully turn the switch on for other towns and communities to follow suit in the future.

Debra Kirschner