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11/02/2022 08:00 AM

Poised for Success

When I weigh the options for who I think is best suited to represent the 101st District of Madison and Durham in Hartford, I feel confident that John Rasimas is the candidate for the job. He may be newer to politics, but he is not new to the inner workings of our state government.

A seasoned professional who served Connecticut for 38 years as a state auditor, a CPA, and an educator, John connects with a broad demographic spectrum and takes the time to listen to the issues we face as a community.

Affordability, local control, and public safety are top of mind for most constituents. Unfortunately, Connecticut continues to be at the bottom of affordability lists, and it has become more challenging for both young families to settle here and for our community seniors to remain. John brings the right set of tools, at just the right time, to analyze how our state spends money so that he can advocate for more business opportunity, that Madison and Durham receive their fair share, and ultimately create communities that can remain affordable.

As a fiscal conservative and social moderate I believe John is poised to represent the needs of our community and set us up for success for the years to come.

Jennifer Gordon