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11/02/2022 08:00 AM

Branford’s Voice in Hartford

I am supporting and endorsing Ray Ingraham for the office of state representative for the Town of Branford and ask all eligible voters to do the same.

I have known Ray Ingraham for many years and have had the opportunity to observe the manner in which he conducts himself when approaching a particular task or project that has been set before him.

Ray and I have worked together as colleagues and friends on many town-related projects, and I can say unequivocally that Ray Ingraham is one of the most dedicated people that I know. He puts 100 percent effort into everything he does regardless of its level of difficulty.

He has dedicated himself to serving his community as well as his family and friends. He understands complex issues and has the demeanor, patience, and skillset to navigate and negotiate through problems that will result in an equitable outcome for all parties involved.

Branford desperately needs a representative with Ray Ingraham’s background, stature, and caliber in Hartford to take on the problems our state is now faced with. He is a people’s person who will always put first the needs of the constituency that he serves and, most importantly, above politics.

This is an important election. Change must take place if we, as a community, are going to move forward and prosper. Ray Ingraham is that change that we need.

Ray will be Branford’s voice in Hartford which we desperately need. Please vote for Ray Ingraham as your Branford State Representative on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Marc Riccio


March Riccio is a member of the Representative Town Meeting for District 6.