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11/02/2022 08:00 AM

An Exemplary Example

I have had the distinct pleasure of being a close personal friend, a professional colleague, and an elected official serving with Chuck Tiernan. When I first began practicing law, I had a multitude of matters in different courts with Chuck as my adversary. With his zealous representation of his clients and the professionalism he displayed in a variety of areas we found ourselves in, Chuck was an exemplary example for me on how to conduct myself as an attorney.

Rarely have I met anyone with the level of professionalism and, most importantly, moral high ground as Chuck Tiernan.

The types of cases brought to the Probate Court require a high level of sensitivity and a skill set that is particular to the difficult life-altering problems that come before the Probate Court on a daily basis. I urge all voters to vote for Chuck Tiernan for Probate Court Judge.

Dan Adelman


Dan Adelman is a member of the Representative Town Meeting for District 4.