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11/02/2022 08:00 AM

An Awesome Privilege

On Election Day, the residents of East Haven in the 99th District are going to see something a little unfamiliar on the ballot. While I am seeking re-election as our state representative, I am the only candidate running.

Despite not having a challenger, I’ve spent the past several months knocking doors and making phone calls. In many instances, I’ve heard the same question: “Why bother to campaign if you’re the only one running.” On each occasion, my response has been the same.

I never want residents to think of me as someone who only shows up because I need a vote. Representing our community in Hartford is an awesome privilege. I’ve knocked on thousands of doors and logged thousands of calls because it’s the right thing to do and because it has afforded me the opportunity to stay closely in touch with residents.

In listening to residents, I’ve heard collective frustration, and in some cases fear, about the economy, taxes, inflation, and crime. I share many of the same concerns. If re-elected, residents can count on me to continue to support common sense solutions aimed at growing jobs, reducing taxes, and making our state a safer and more affordable place.

The future of Tweed airport, an issue of generational importance to East Haven, also remains at the forefront of many residents’ minds. I’ve never wavered in putting our community first when it comes to Tweed and will continue working across the aisle, both locally and in the legislature, to protect our quality of life and safety.

It remains a true honor to be our community’s voice in Hartford and I hope that I have earned residents’ trust and can count on their votes on Election Day.

Joe Zullo

Joe Zullo is the incumbent State Representative for the 99th assembly district.