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11/02/2022 08:00 AM

A Voice to Be Reckoned With

When you read the letters to the editor, it is apparent that all the candidates know the issues, they all like kids, hate inflation, and love the police. So if you don't know the candidates personally who do you vote for?

Hopefully, you've had personal contact with a candidate. My choice for the 35th State House District as state representative is Chris Aniscovich. Although he is not a personal friend, I have spent time with him as a colleague. He's an affable, confident, talented, and funny individual. He's humble, doesn't take himself too seriously, and puts his family first. Chris follows up on what he says he is going to do, is a good listener, and is intelligent enough to grasp the issues.

In Clinton's inaugural Town Council form of government, Mr. Aniskovich was chosen by his peers, which included the former First Selectwoman, to be the leader and spokesperson. I have been to a number of Council meetings. He has deftly led a diverse group of individuals, both Republicans and Democrats, to collaborate in a constructive way for what is best for the town. He has, furthermore, established an excellent relationship with the Town Manager.

If elected, I have no doubt but that Chris will be a voice to be reckoned with in Hartford.

Joseph Alves


Joseph Alves is a member of the Clinton Board of Assessment Appeals