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11/02/2022 08:00 AM

A Thorough but Pragmatic Approach

Madison and Durham are extremely fortunate to be represented in Hartford by outstanding delegates. Representative John-Michael Parker and Senator Christine Cohen stand out in our state legislature. Intelligent and hard-working, they bring a thorough, but pragmatic approach to issues in the General Assembly with exceptional negotiation and collaboration skills.

During this past term, Sen. Cohen and Rep. Parker worked to secure a balanced budget that made historic $3.6 billion payments towards our long-term debt and maintained $3.3 billion in our Rainy Day Fund, while cutting taxes for working families and seniors. They helped pass legislation to expand youth mental health support, protect and expand abortion access and reproductive health care services, reduce health care costs for residents, and increase funding for gun violence intervention programs.

As Senate Chair of the Environment Committee, Christine led passage of the Connecticut Clean Air Act, accelerating use and purchase of EVs and cleaner trucks; updating of our recycling laws; banning of harmful PFAS forever chemicals, single use plastic bags, and fracking waste; and creation of coastal resiliency funding mechanisms. As a small business owner and Vice-Chair of the Commerce Committee, Christine championed the needs of small businesses, including unemployment reform, tax credits, and access to economic development grants.

As a first-term Representative, John-Michael led passage of An Act Concerning Opioids to combat the opioid epidemic in the state. He co-founded the Connecticut Future Caucus of young bipartisan elected officials; and he leads the Arts, Culture, and Tourism Caucus.

Together, Christine and John-Michael secured over $5 million in state funding for Madison and Durham projects, including the seawall at Garvan Point, Academy Community Center, and the American Legion Hall in Madison.

John-Michael and Christine have distinguished themselves as leaders in the General Assembly. Let’s send this dynamic duo back to Hartford for another term!

Susan Glantz