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11/02/2022 08:00 AM

A Caring Nature

I am proud to support Devin Carney for re-election for his caring nature and service to the district. Last year, I contacted Devin regarding legislation that would improve healthcare services for people who live with multiple sclerosis (MS), like me. The Multiple Sclerosis Society rarely has a large legislative agenda, but we do push for bills that will make living with MS easier.

Devin got right back to me and listened to why I wanted him to support legislation, and he talked to me about the legislative process and what more I could do, as a citizen, to make my voice heard. Thankfully, our legislation passed with the vote and support of Rep. Carney.

Devin takes healthcare extremely seriously and has been a voice of support for people living with various illnesses. He has supported legislation to help those with cancer, heart disease, mental health, and substance abuse issues, and many other health-related bills.

I am proud to vote for Devin because I know he cares about what I say and cares about his constituents.

Laura Gregory

Old Saybrook