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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

Supportive of First Responders

As a first responder, I’m happy to see that Senator Norm Needleman has been endorsed by the Police Officers Association of Connecticut and the Uniformed Firefighters of Connecticut. That means thousands of police officers and firefighters across our state gave him their support. Sen. Needleman voted for a bill that helps firefighters and police officers get access to health care for post-traumatic stress. This is extremely important, given that we are sometimes called upon to respond to tragic scenes and incidents. If not dealt with properly, the trauma from these scenes can build up and we may need that extra support. He even supported a bill that will study and explore ways to help firefighters who get job-related cancer. I also noticed he voted to give state troopers pay increases and to support the state’s ability to recruit new officers. Retention and recruitment are becoming bigger issues all over the state, and Sen. Needleman has contributed to trying to address this problem. He also voted in favor of bills geared toward to crime reduction in the state, like one that strengthens penalties for motor vehicle thefts. I’m proud that our local senator is so supportive of first responders. I have voted for him in the past and plan to vote for him this election day because of his continued support in these areas.

Joe DeCurtis