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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

Support Modern Policy

As a college student who has grown up in Westbrook and continues to live in the community, I want elected leadership that acknowledges and plans for the complex and dynamic forces we face on the shoreline in 2022. We live on Long Island Sound and need a state representative who not only acknowledges the reality of climate change and the specific threats it poses to our local communities but is willing to put his votes on the line to support modern policy. I’m a young Connecticut resident who wants to build a future here, and I am sick of elected leaders who are beholden to outdated and nationally derived policy stances. I want Colin Heffernan to represent the 23rd District. Colin has demonstrated active involvement in our communities with his work on wetlands and zoning boards for Old Saybrook. His stances on the environment and reproductive rights represent an acknowledgment of the threats facing our community and offer sensible solutions that align with the times and our values. Votes matter more than words, and I look forward to seeing Colin Heffernan represent me in the Connecticut state house!

Maclean Sarr