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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

Stands Up for Women

Devin Carney is a strong supporter of women and women's rights — he has always been.

Here are the facts: Devin has consistently voted for issues that benefit women’s health and equality. Devin voted to protect essential health benefits for women — including contraception. He voted for insurance coverage of fertility preservation for cancer patients. He voted to protect breastfeeding in the workplace and for pay equity. He introduced legislation to protect victims of rape and sexual assault. He supported Jennifer's law to protect women from domestic violence and threats. He recently was recognized by the Connecticut Radiological Society for his leadership in ensuring insurance coverage for early breast and ovarian cancer screenings.

Devin also supports choice and stands for safety. He believes every woman, regardless of race or income level, deserves access to a doctor for reproductive healthcare. Several high-ranking women in the Democratic Black and Puerto Rican caucus voted the same way as Devin on the legislation on which he's being attacked. They were concerned women in their districts – which include many lower-income and minority women – would get a lower quality of reproductive care. He supported and stood with them.

Devin stands up for women whenever he gets the chance. It should be no surprise because he was raised by a hard-working single mother who taught him the values he has today. I encourage everyone to support him.

Judy Ganswindt

Old Saybrook