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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

Share Similar Values

Ella Grasso was my mom. She was tough as nails and always worked hard for the people of Connecticut. It always warms my heart when people of all political persuasions comment positively about her and what she stood for.

As Ella’s daughter, I was always involved in the political world. It is also no surprise that, like my mom, I am also a Democrat. However, I always vote for the person, and in the 23rd District, my vote and adamant support is going to our State Representative Devin Carney.

Devin and I share different political parties, but we share similar values. Devin has always stood up for taxpayers and wants to ensure that our seniors can afford to stay here. Energy rates are going up, the cost of groceries is high, and it looks like it will not get better soon. But if we have people like Devin in Hartford, we will know that we have someone who understands the economy, looks out for taxpayers, and will work to reduce the burdens of inflation and a poor stock market.

Devin is also an empathetic and compassionate person. He understands what it’s like to lose a loved one due to substance abuse and has worked hard to remove the stigma and get people help. He is working on getting the state to open a recovery school for high schoolers that need a safe place to work on their addictions while also getting an education.

During COVID, Devin was there for our most vulnerable and did whatever he could to help seniors and the unemployed.

To me, Devin is what public servants should be—hard-working, brave, independent, and considerate. He has my support, and I’d encourage my fellow Democrats to look past the “R” and vote for Devin.

Susane Grasso

Old Saybrook