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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

Representation We All Deserve

The upcoming election on Tuesday, Nov. 8 is an important one, so we need someone with a proven track record of accomplishments to represent our local interests. For me, that person is Christine Cohen for State Senate District 12. Christine has been our State Senator since 2019. In her two terms of office, she has successfully worked on both economic and environmental issues, positively impacting our community.

The most recent bipartisan budget held the line on income tax rates, while giving economic relief in the form of earned income tax credits to working families; more affordable health care, including a $25 cap for out-of-pocket costs for insulin; and free community college. The latest budget produced a large surplus, allowing us to add to the state's rainy day fund and pay down some pension obligations, thus reducing future payments. These critical long-term actions will benefit all of us in the future against economic downturns and relieve spending pressures which would otherwise have been dedicated to past debts. In regards to the environment, Christine has been a strong advocate, including coastal resiliency planning for the impacts on the shoreline from rising sea levels.

As important as the results of Christine's legislative efforts, is the manner in which she has worked, supporting everyone in the communities she represents. Despite the increasing partisanship exhibited nationally and now at the state and local level, I have only seen Christine handle herself in a positive manner. This is the type of representation we all deserve.

So, for both her accomplishments and personal character, I fully support the reelection of Christine Cohen for State Senate on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Laurie Desmet