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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

Now More Than Ever

I am a young professional who does my research before making major life decisions. One of my decisions was to move to Westbrook to buy a home. Although I am originally from Cheshire and work in Durham, I chose Westbrook because of its shoreline environment, low tax rate, access to essential needs, and small-town feel and character.

I could not be happier with my decision to move to Westbrook. However, I have many concerns about living in Connecticut. These concerns include the failing state government and its continued attempts at seizing control of our municipalities and forcing new statewide taxes and mandates. We are very fortunate to have Devin Carney representing us in Hartford, battling against those who think that the state government knows what is best.

Devin continuously fights against tax increases. He defeated a statewide property tax, new conveyance taxes, a mileage tax, and taxes on basic groceries. He works hard to push back against Eversource to get the best electric rates and to hold them accountable, while DEEP does nothing to help us. He supports parental rights and parental input in school regarding curriculum and healthcare. Parents deserve to have a voice in their children's education and should not be stigmatized for health care choices. He fought against the state takeover of our local planning and zoning.

We need Devin now more than ever to be there for our small towns and residents. He understands this community and he certainly has my vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Nilani Shankar