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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

Integrity, Wisdom, and Compassion

I am writing in strong and enthusiastic support for the election of Chuck Tiernan to be our next judge of probate for the district of Branford and North Branford.

Chuck has been my next door neighbor for over 20 years. Chuck is the kind of neighbor who is always there for you — he'll check in after a storm, pick up mail when you're away, and drop off anything you need. Chuck is thoughtful, honest and kind, and he cares deeply about our Branford community.

I am also a practicing lawyer in Connecticut, and I can say that Chuck is one of the most ethical, hardest working, and dedicated lawyers that I know. He is an expert at finding the best solution to the most difficult legal problems. I also know that few members of our Connecticut legal community are held in such high esteem as Chuck Tiernan. Chuck has built a longstanding reputation in the law as a fair-minded, empathic, and pragmatic problem-solver.

Chuck Tiernan is a superb candidate for probate judge. He has the integrity, wisdom, and compassion needed for that job. I'm voting for Chuck Tiernan for our next probate judge. I hope you will, too.

Ted Kennedy, Jr.