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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

Has the Knowledge and Experience

I support Al Ippolito to be our next Branford/North Branford Probate Judge. A probate judge handles very specialized and technical family issues, often very emotionally challenging experiences. Electing someone who has vast amounts of experience in dealing with these delicate issues is a paramount consideration when voting for a Probate Judge. Al Ippolito has that experience and the right temperament in dealing with these sensitive issues.

Al Ippolito has 40 years of probate experience. I believe you will agree with me that Al Ippolito has the knowledge and experience in probate law, a specialized area. Please vote for Al Ippolito for probate judge on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Vincent Candelora

North Branford

Vincent Candelora is the State Representative for the 86th District