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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

Genuine Desire to Contribute

I am proud to be writing in support of Moira Rader for Guilford’s next state representative. It takes a special person to step into a role that involves navigating both the complexities of legislation and the charged political climate we are in.

When Moira stepped forward, I knew it was because of her genuine desire to contribute to her community. Our community faces challenges, just as the whole state does, and I know that Moira possesses the open-mindedness, willingness to listen, and strong conviction in her values to see Guilford and Connecticut through those challenges.

Having witnessed Moira’s thoughtful and fact-based approach to her role on the Board of Education, I trust that Moira will navigate the state legislature on our behalf with diligence, grace, and a clear-eyed vision of us as her constituents.

I will be proudly casting my vote for Moira Rader for state representative and the rest of the Row A candidates who will defend reproductive rights, preserve our state’s strides in fiscal responsibility, and continue to make Connecticut an affordable and high-quality place to live.

Lisa Kelly