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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

Exemplifies a Leader

Many of us move to Guilford specifically for the excellent schools; yet, we are lucky enough to also find a thoughtful, interested community, nestled in a truly beautiful town. I accepted a position on the Board of Education expecting strictly budgets and business; yet, I have been lucky enough to find smart, well-intentioned colleagues, engaging in challenging discourse, for the betterment of our already superb district.

Though Board members represent different political parties, the group innately understands the common goal. We largely operate apolitcally, with a common understanding that its about the kids, the teachers, the district and not us as individuals or parties.

Moira Rader, my colleague on the Board, understands the importance of putting the community first above her own interests. Our shared experience has us stepping out of comfort zones, hearing each other’s perspective, learning to both acquiesce when perhaps new information is presented and yet be adamant when core values demand standing ground. Moira exemplifies a leader who listens, thinks, and then acts.

I admire her quiet, thorough approach to problems, asking questions to arrive at balanced and well-evaluated decisions. She is patient, professional, and thoughtful (and really nice). Her tenure on the Board proves her dedication to public service and provides her the experience to succeed at the State. Her mindset allows for balance and growth, and her professionalism demonstrates her poise and grace. Sending someone to the State legislature with her work ethic, values, and amiability should easily direct our political choices.

Kristen Peck


Kristen Peck is the secretary for the Guilford Board of Education.