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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

Deliver for Branford

Having strong partners in government is paramount to being able to meet constituents’ and community needs. Branford is fortunate to have two dynamic, hard-working, and attentive representatives in State Senator Christine Cohen and State Representative Robin Comey. I approached them about constituent concerns in the congested Route 146 area of Indian Neck for pedestrians, bicyclists, and residents. Then, Christine and Robin got involved, and the state listened. A road safety audit report was completed in August, focusing on Route 146 from Limewood to South Montowese and Indian Neck avenues. The town now has a roadmap and can partner with the state to make further improvements. Cohen and Comey deliver for Branford and deserve to be returned to Hartford to continue their good work.

Tracy Everson


Minority Leader

Tracy Everson is the minority leader on the Representative Town Meeting and represents District 5