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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

Be There for Her

I support our State Representative Christine Goupil for reelection. As a senior in the Beechwood Community, I have had personal interactions with Rep. Goupil who is immediately responsive to the concerns of our community. She met with us on several occasions, demonstrated genuine attention to our needs, and helped us to reach out to Consumer Protection. Rep. Goupil is a good listener and focused on finding solutions to our problems. She makes promises and keeps them, and we can always count on her to follow through. She is committed to helping seniors and understands the concerns we have about living expenses and affordable housing. She is a proven leader and a strong advocate for her constituents. In the last legislative session, Rep. Goupil supported legislation to reduce the cost of co-pays for home care for the elderly. She has also worked hard to ensure health care coverage for low-income residents and their families, and to protect women’s reproductive freedom and health care.

Rep. Goupil is competent and experienced. She has earned our trust and support and deserves to be re-elected. She has been there for us, now we need to be there for her!

Bill Joyce