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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

Admire His Right to Be an Individual

I am going to do two things I don’t usually do. First, I am going to publicly endorse a candidate, and second, I am going to “cross the aisle” to do it. You see, I am a longtime Democrat and have been, at times, very involved in local politics. I would like to encourage all reading this to vote for Devin Carney for srtate Representative. Devin, I believe, is a man of principle as evidenced by his time in the legislature. He votes his conscience and will break with his party if it is something he strongly doesn’t believe in. I don’t measure it by whether I agree with his conclusions but admire his right to be an individual, representing you. Devin is respectable and an experienced legislator who can meet you on the level. Please remember to vote Tuesday, Nov. 8 for Devin Carney.

Scott MacBain