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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

A Record of Standing Up

I am looking forward to supporting Devin Carney again this year. To me, Devin defies political party and always tries to do the right thing for people. One does not need to look far to see a record of standing up for the people of the 23rd District.

Devin has been a true advocate for transportation at the Capitol and has served for four years as ranking member of the Transportation Committee. He has pushed for safety improvements to I-95 and has worked to try to improve services at the Department of Motor Vehicles. In addition, he opposes unnecessary projects like changing exit signs on Route 9 and the wasteful spending at the state pier in New London.

He serves on the Education Committee where he has stood up for Old Saybrook Public Schools and against state-forced school regionalization. He co-sponsored bills supporting improvements to student mental health – especially due to issues related to COVID, substance abuse, and online bullying. Devin knows how vital our schools are to our families and children and he will always support them against any negative policies.

On the environment, Devin is sounding the alarm on our current waste crisis. Connecticut is currently trucking garbage out-of-state to be buried in landfills. Devin believes this is wrong and is working to change that. The current practice will raise costs for us and hurt the environment.

Devin works so hard for the people of the district, and I am proud to vote for him again. I encourage everyone to join me on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Joan Broadhurst

Old Saybrook